April Showers Bring May Flowers


Broccoli Rabe and tri-color peppers. The national rigorous re-cycling program provides a balance to the over packaging of green groceries. Nonetheless, feeling blessed with such incredible shrubbery.



I am still obsessed about these Japanese traditi­onal soft sculpture tea cakes called "Wagashi". The designs change according to the seasons and in keeping with major holidays and what those holidays celebrate. These are from a venerable 60 year old shop called Shiono in Akasaka, Tokyo.

The fillings are slightly different for each design. These two featured have similar bean paste filling. The one of the left is reminiscent of a cap for boys for Children's day. I marvel at the details on these cakes. There is even a three dimensional little whisker on the carp design. My small tea plates bought years ago in New York at the Broadway Panhandler now resonate deeply with these exquisite creations

The Color of Food

Breakfast Parties018.jpg

I am often fascinated by food that is black. Here, black risotto at LB7 in Roppongi. Squid ink and clams add to the pungent presentation. It was delicious but there is something unsettling about consuming a lack of color. In contrast to the pastel shades of wagashi, it makes for a forceful and compelling dish.

Subway Art

This is the "summary" illuminated panel at the Tameikie-sanno station on the Namboku line. Each of these represent a large scale panel. The panels line up along both sides of the subway track. Unfortunately the station is enclosed within glass and metal framed walls and these designs become veiled behind the reflections.

The three white rabbits, my favorite panel.

The Tokyo International Forum

A breath-­taking archite­ctural structure. The interior is a lot more ornate than the exterior but its a massive structure near the Tokyo station.

Hope from a Vending Machine

Breakfast Parties014.jpg

It's reassuring to know HOPE can be purchased for a mere 440 yen round the corner.