Guam and Rainbows

This is a short report after a 4 day visit to Guam. Guam is Hawaii's "poor cousin". It's a little underdeveloped but remains largely unspoiled because of it. Sunsets were spectacular. Rain in the distance with overhanging dark clouds made for a dramatic contrast.


Two nights at the Fiesta Resort Guam (Hotel). The hotel was literally on the beach. This is the view of the ocean from the lobby. The ocean at your doorstep. 

Scattered showers during the day literally last 1 to 2 minutes. And almost always a rainbow would appear! The clear waters were simply divine. The beach never got very crowded either. 

It was common to find cemeteries near the road facing the ocean. In recent years concrete barriers were built near the shore to prevent the waters from washing away the graves during the typhoon season. The white washed graves were often colorfully decorated with flowers.

The most delicious local food at a restaurant called Proa. The "beggar's purse", a crepe appetizer creation with a mustard honey sauce. Sashimi cubes of tuna were hidden inside. Fried banana fritters in coconut batter with a sweet caramel accompaniment. At another local restaurant Meskla, where a cream soup was served in a coconut husk and a pretty presentation of fried parrot fish with curried vegetables.